Friday, February 5, 2010

Trivial Pursuit

Dear friends and families out there,
A little bit over a week passed coming back from my China trip. Try to re-established my regular routine in the this part of my world. As of today, I finally regain the normalcy of my life. With my two sisters away to HK for their Chinese New Year in HK, I am home alone. I am to be in the custodian of the puppy and the house. It is so quite and tranquil here, a stark contrast with the lifestyle I experienced just a week ago.

Lately, the city received excessive amount of rainfalls. An unusual weather pattern in the center of the desert. In fact, this winter, in most part of the world almost came to a standstill due to extreme cold spell spread across both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. It makes people cast doubt on the validity of global warming. No matter what future will bear, a green energy proposal will do no harm. We do not need the creation of more Co2 in the air we breath. An education and implementation of policies to respect green environments will undoubtedly benefit human kind for generations to come.

Locally, the overall economy picture is grim. The road to recovery is still in a distant future. Currently, Las Vegas is in the midst of mounting unemployment, massive foreclosures, dwindling business activities and an astronomically budget shortfall. More pain and suffering will be in store entering into this year before we can even see some lights at the end of the tunnel.
Nationally, there are some sign of life on economic revival. But the danger of double dip recession is never out of it. It is up to the present administration to make sound judgments from refraining this country stumble into another recession. Or we could enter into a phase of 'stagnation', a long period of amnesia growth similar to the Japanese economy been in for the past two decades. Just the other days, Obama's State of the Union speech has laid out an agenda to revital the economy. His speeches sounded very attractive, but to put it into actions will be a whole different story. The administration has come up with numerous ideas and dipped their hands into far too many programs. Americans are confused. All they want to see at this time is for the administration to fix the economy and put them back to work. Everything else by no means are insignificant at present. Wish they listen to the will of American people and set their priority straight. In international affair, US has been at odd with her China counterpart on two fronts. First was the arms sell to the Taiwan government. Shortly after, like this administration has come up with nothing better to do. It stood its way into the private affair on the face off between China and Google over internet issue. Hillary Clinton, the secretary of State publicly denounced China on her censorship issue. Might be China does has a rigid censorship standard than US on sensitive issues like politics and pornography. But it is up to the Chinese people to voice their oppositions. It is a 'No,No' to muddle into the internal affair of other country. To the benefit of the world and to the world economic recovery, these two economic powers should always be in an amiable relationship. When do American policy makers learn to stop being the policemen of the world?